It's about time

Posted by HEx 2014-01-13 at 00:57

{blog.,} now has SSL (indeed, TLS) enabled.1 After the last mishap, this time everything went smoooth.

I've stopped short of redirecting HTTP requests to the HTTPS version, but I have enabled HSTS, so if you visit the above domains with HTTPS once, your browser will remember to always use encrypted connections in the future regardless of what protocol you request. This is a Good Thing™.

While I often post links to or include resources from sphere on this blog, happily I had the foresight to not use protocol-specific URLs.2 Thus even cross-domain resources will be fetched using whatever protocol the originating request used, for maximum compatibility, security and avoidance of tedious warnings and broken padlocks. This doesn't help with embedding resources from domains not under my control of course—I can't require that other sites support encryption—but that's a fool's errand anyway.

[1] Also

[2] The syntax for this is simply "//domain/path", e.g. <a href="//">my home page</a>. This trick ought to be more widely known.

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